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Millions of homeowners are using Chimney’s tools and APIs to track home value, understand borrowing power, and easily access home equity - all right within their banking app.

Features & Benefits

Addictive Relationships with Homeowners

Be the source of truth for homeowners - right within your banking app. With our embedded suite of tools: Home Value Tracker, Home Equity Snapshot, Debt Consolidation Tool, Renovation Simulator, Financial Calculators, and a Monthly Home Report via email.

Understand Key Customer Data

Credit reports are often missing key mortgage data, get the full financial picture of your borrowers with our Borrower Profiles.

Grow Home Equity Loans

Unlock more home equity loans and cut your HELOC approval times in half. With Chimney, you can serve personalized offers to homeowners, whether you are holding their mortgage or not.

Stop Losing Homeowners

80% of homeowners get their second mortgage from someone other than the original lender - this is costing the average lender $3.5M for every 500 homeowners. With Chimney's triggered alerts and pre-qualified offers, you can offset these losses and keep those customers with you.