Bitcoin for All

NYDIG fuses cutting-edge technology with institutional-grade finance to offer secure bitcoin access for all.
NYDIG is an institutional bitcoin company that offers a full-stack API platform which allows FIs to embed digital asset solutions into their digital banking experience. NYDIG is committed to meeting the highest regulatory, audit and governance standards to deliver secure & compliant solutions to the more than 70 institutions. NYDIG is regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services (“NYDFS”), which is the most demanding digital asset regulator today, and audited by Ernst & Young LLP.

Features & Benefits

Designed for Banking

NYDIG’s digital wallet solution is deeply embedded into the Q2 digital banking platform to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Compliance-First Approach

NYDIG’s unique compliance-first approach and regulatory solution de-risk the offering and satisfy FI needs for robust risk management.

Increase Customer/Member Engagement

Financial institutions can increase engagement with existing customers/members who are more likely to use more financial services. Morning Consult and PayPal both reported that digital asset owners use more financial services than the general population.

Early Adopter Success

A live FI Partner reported 40% higher customer engagement in their mobile banking app from bitcoin owners as compared to non-bitcoin owners after launching with NYDIG.

Retain assets, mindshare, and relevance

Retain customer deposit balances within your ecosystem and protect against encroaching competition from crypto-native Fintechs that are accumulating record amounts of consumer deposits.

Attract Customers/Members

Attract new customers/members and find new sources of revenue in a rapidly evolving environment where consumers increasingly view digital assets as an important part of the future of financial services.

Flexible and Modular Platform

NYDIG’s platform powers a vertically integrated suite of digital asset solutions including Buy/Sell/Hold, Rewards, and Interest Enhancement.

Established Platform

NYDIG’s 100% cold storage custody platform has uninterrupted settlement of more than $83B of BTC since inception in 2017, even through periods of severe market dislocation.

Sophisticated Trade Execution

Enable your customers/members to access best-in-class execution that is offered via an expansive network of global liquidity sources and trade 24/7.