Eko enables community banks and credit unions to offer digital investing directly on your existing banking platform. 53% of Americans want to invest their money with their trusted financial institution — however <1% does, while the rest goes to 3rd party apps like Betterment, Vanguard or Acorns. With Eko, you can offer a world-class white-labeled digital investment product, without having to hire anyone or build anything.

Features & Benefits

Increase clients stickiness

Offering digital investments, your clients will log in on average 4x as often - increasing the number of touchpoints with your clients.

Convert more clients to invest with you

Convert 12% of your clients/members to invest with you. This compared to <1% if you only offer investments via a financial advisor or CDs.

Improve product offering

Make your investment offering more extensive, by offering low threshold investment option where your clients can start investing from only $10.

Attract younger clients

Attract younger clients by offering a next-generation investment product on your existing digital platform.

Increase revenue

Create additional revenue of on average $40k/year per 10,000 clients/members by charging your clients to invest with you.

Increase deposits

The funding of investment accounts can be easily done via any 3rd party bank, while withdrawals automatically go into a bank account of the financial institution.

End-to-end investment solution

Regulatory compliance (SEC/FINRA registrations), tax reporting, portfolio management and execution management are all takes care of by Eko. This means you can offer a world-class investment product without having to build anything or hire anyone.