Business banking depositors are expecting more than just account services from their bank. Increase deposits and non-interest income by giving your clients a digital back office powered by Finli.

Features & Benefits

Secure Digital Payment Collection

Give your business banking clients the ability to settle ACH + Credit Card payments from their customers directly into the bank. Secure operating deposits faster and stop deposit leakage to Venmo, PayPal or other banks.

Professional Invoicing with Automated Reminders

Strengthen your most valuable business relationships by giving your clients the best tools. Finli's automated invoice reminders ensure your business customers are collecting outstanding bills and getting paid on time!

Inventory Management + Pricing Optimization

Help your business banking clients maximize sales and increase revenue. Automated tools keep tabs on stock inventory and make price adjustments simple.

Customer + Quote Management

Finli's easy-to-use interface builds a CRM right into invoicing + bookkeeping tools. Bankers can leverage customer insights to help clients make better financial decisions.

Frictionless Onboarding

Accelerate fee income with quick + easy customer onboarding that feels like a part of your digital banking experience.

Financial Health Insights

Tap into valuable data around the health of your business banking clients. Make more intelligent loan decisions + identify cross-sell opportunities.