Digital Card Controls

Unleashing the Power of Digital Card Controls – Elevate Security, Empower Transactions
REDiCardControl enables users to take an active role in reducing card fraud by limiting card usage, per user, that is integrated directly into your digital banking platform.

Features & Benefits

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

Receive instant alerts for selected transactions

Enhanced security through immediate detection and response to potential fraud.

Customization and Control

Set spending limits and geographical restrictions

Empower users with greater financial control and risk mitigation.

Instant Card Management

Lock/unlock cards and temporarily suspend card activity

Quick and convenient response to lost or stolen cards, minimizing unauthorized use.

Reduced Operational Costs

Self-service options and automated processes

Streamlined operations, reducing the need for extensive customer service assistance.

Improved Customer Experience

Manage cards through a user-friendly mobile app

Enhance overall customer satisfaction with convenient, real-time card management.

Competitive Advantage

Data Driven Insights

Position your FI as an industry leader by offering advanced digital card controls, attracting tech-savvy customers and staying ahead of competitors.